Company profile

We are manufacturers of ceramic core-solutions since founding-year 1983 and have established ourselves as a reliable partner for the investment casting industry and other precision casting industries, continually developing our technology during this period.

Our worldwide customers appreciate the quality of our products along with our technical com-petence and support. Following our strong focus on international markets, our rate of export has now increased beyond 70%.

We produce ceramic cores which are adjusted to meet the individual needs and unique operating facilities of our customers. Our abilities mean that we have no limitations with regards to geometric requirements. Ceramic cores ranging from a few grams up to several kilograms in weight can be achieved with our machinery.

Smallest demands as well as high volumes can be realised in short time scales. The agile nature of our capacity allows us to guarantee each customer the highest level of flexibility and prompt-ness, whatever the demand is.

Today, we do not just serve the so called “commercial markets” such as „kommerziellen“ Anwendungsbereiche wie

  • Machining
  • Medical
  • Machining
  • Energy
  • Food / Nutrition
  • Pumps
  • Building / Architecture

but increasingly meeting the demands of the „high-technology sectors“including

  • Aerospace industries
  • Motorsport / Racing
  • Industrial Gas Turbine industries (IGT)

The use of ceramic cores provide design engineers with much greater flexibility in helping them to find the best solutions. These benefits will be explained briefly in the following.

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