We decided to fully approve our well-established quality system in the spring of 2008, officially conforming to DIN ISO 9001. All steps of our organisation and process parameters are fully supervised and documented. We pay particular attention to the incoming inspection of our raw materials and their various production steps.

All ceramic materials are exclusively purchased in a very clean and pure form, and include the equivalent certificates of the supplier, to ensure an uncompromising casting quality to our customers. Additionally, all raw materials are subject to a thorough incoming inspection which undergo the following fundamental steps of analysis:

  • Physical – Chemical analysis
  • Grain size analysis*
  • Tensile strength checking
  • Checking of thermal expansion behavior*

(*also available as an independent chargeable service for customers.)

All determined values are documented and after their careful evaluation and comparison with our house-standard, the raw materials can be released for production feedstocks.

In the next step the larger formulas for production go through exactly the same checking procedures, before they will be released for ceramic core production.

Furthermore we pay a great deal of attention to all our process parameters associated to the production of our cores. The best performance on all technical values will be determined by our technicians and constantly controlled and supervised by our experienced team. More detailed information about our quality procedures can be discussed personally at any time. We also welcome you to come and visit us for a comprehensive review of all our quality control methods.

Oben: Dilatometer Netzsch DIL 402 PC Unten: Cilas Granulometer 1064L

During recent years, we have not only invested in new, state-of-the-art kiln equipment but also in modern equipment for the digital documentation of all our kiln processes. Burning cycles of all our kilns are steadily documented and securely archived around the clock on our server and external hard drive. This guarantees we give ourselves, as well as our customers, the possibility to review the history of each individual ceramic core and the security in the control on our process.

Oben: Digitale Speicherung der Brennkurven via Jumo Logoscreen nt  Unten Mitte: Universalprüfmaschine Zwick BDO-FBO.5TS


3D Messmaschine WENZEL LH 87

View into our air-conditioned quality inspection room and CMM Wenzel LH87. Our incoming inspection includes the control of new tools and fixtures against CAD-data, and then the approval and release for production of first samples (FAIR).


Renishaw Messtaster für punktuelles oder scannendes messen

Within our commitment to ISO:9001 our scanning and tactile motorized probe-head Renishaw PH-10 M Plus enables us to establish precise FAIR-reports in short time scales. Series-measurements using special fixtures can also be run in parallel to other measurement work.


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