Project procedure & toolshop

We would usually receive a new enquiry in the form of an E-Mail, including attachments such as cad-files (iges, step, stl) or drawings.

The enquiry should inform us about details like:

  • quantities
  • the casting alloy
  • expected lot sizes
  • required tolerances
  • desired lead times
  • available leeching methods for ceramic cores

We check the feasibility of the enquiry, respectively the construction of the ceramic core tools. We will then send our full quotation for tooling, eventual control fixtures and unit prices of ceramic cores within 2-3 days or even on the same day if necessary.

Core- / wax tools & control fixtures

We have recently initiated a close collaboration with a specialised toolmaking company, meaning we are able to react in a much shorter time scale to our customers by reducing the lead times for tooling and therefore the first ceramic core samples. Our partner has over 20 years experience in the production of tooling and special fixtures for the investment casting industry.

Furthermore we are able to offer the service of manufacturing complex wax tools, even if there is no demand for ceramic coring. This service is used more and more from our customers and we can assure the best quality and competitive conditions at all times. On the following pictures we show you some examples of tools made by our toolmakers – more pictures will follow soon.

Please click on pictures to start slide show.

Example of tool-section for a F1 application with slides and inserts producing the undercut-areas

Example of tool-section for an aerospace application with inserts producing the "windows" and undercut-areas.

Example of a control fixture-section with several slides to determine the exact position of all core prints




Ausschnitt Wachs-Mehrfachwerkzeug mit Messingeinsatz

Section of multi-cavity wax tool with brass insert

Bildausschnitt Stator

Section of a stator-wax-tool


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